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Computer technology continues to evolve every day. Each new solution that enters the market was in the realm of science fiction just several years ago. Yet, every time a new type of technology emerges, people wonder how they lived without it.

Solutions such as web applications, online backup, active directories and databases have simplified both business and personal life. Programs such as Microsoft have shaped how people live, work and play.

Sterling Data Storage is a Data Storage CompanyTake web applications, which are programs based off the internet. These programs allow people to log on no matter where they are, as long as they can access the web. When computers first came on the market, the programs installed onto the hard drive determined the extent of each machine’s capabilities. Today, web-based programs, also known as web applications, allow you to, for example, log into your work desktop from your laptop while you’re out of the office. Traditional email accounts such as Hotmail and Gmail are also web applications.

Online backup is based on this principle of accessing information from the Internet, no matter where you are. Online backup allows you to protect important databases, and personal and business files from loss or accidental deletion.

Similar to online backup are clouds. The two technologies are similar, but not exactly the same. Both can be accessed from an internet connection, but clouds can synchronize files without manual backup. This allows you to access files from your phone, tablet, computer and other devices.

Online backup, on the other hand, is designed to store and update files on individual computers or networks. Online backup without a cloud does not synchronize files, but it still fits the needs of some people looking for remote storage.

Businesses, especially, frequently look to data storage companies to set up these remote storage programs for their files and try to figure out which solution will work best.

In fact, data storage companies have completely changed how businesses store data. With capabilities such as online backup and remote storage, business owners never again have to worry about losing crucial or sensitive information. Data storage companies back up data not once, but multiple times, ensuring that information stored electronically never gets deleted unless on purpose.

Security has necessarily become a bigger issue as technology becomes more advanced. Microsoft, for example, uses active directories for Windows networks to verify people signing onto the system. Active directories are how the computer knows whether the person signing onto the system is an administrator or not.

Microsoft itself has evolved through multiple incarnations over the years. This program helps our computers run. Before Windows, we encountered DOS — Disk Operating System — when first logging on. Windows helps people navigate among computer programs and generally helps make computers more user-friendly and accessible.

Another important element of computers are servers, which complete different tasks depending upon the type of server. Mail servers manage incoming and outgoing email. Network servers act as a centralized hub to communicate among connected computers. Storage servers store information. At their basic function, servers help computers complete the tasks that we need them to.

All of these parts work together to form the technology that we’ve come to rely on. And it will continue to evolve. Tomorrow’s technology is nothing but an idea today.